EOIR-29 - Notice of Appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals from a Decision of an Immigration Officer

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Purpose of Form

Visa Petitions are adjudicated by the local Director or the Regional Service Center Directors of USCIS having jurisdiction over the petition. Upon adjudication of a visa petition, revocation of a visa petition approval, or revalidation of a visa petition approval the District Director or Regional Service Center Director will notify the petitioner in writing of the decision. An appeal of the decision may be taken to the board of Immigration Appeals (Board) or USCIS where authorized by statute and regulation. Please refer to the INA and the Code of Federal Regulations to determine if jurisdiction of your petition appeal lies with the Board or USCIS. The Board has appellate jurisdiction over family based immigrant petitions in accordance with Section 204 of the INA, with the exception of petitions of certain orphans. See 8 CFR 3.1(b)(5). Please file the EOIR-29 when jurisdiction of your case lies with the Board. You may also refer to the instructions in the EOIR-29 for further information.

NOTE: This form is not evidence of identity, age, or status claimed.

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