G-1145 - E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance

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Purpose of Form

To be used by an Applicant or Petitioner who can file their application/petition at one of the three USCIS Lockbox facilities, and who wishes to receive electronic notification (e-Notification) that their application has been accepted.

Special Instructions

If you are submitting multiple immigration forms for one applicant, clip a completed form G-1145 to the front of the first immigration form of the package. You will receive a separate e-mail and/or text message for each accepted immigration form.

For representatives who file multiple unrelated immigration forms in one envelope, and who want their clients to receive e-Notification, clip a completed form G-1145 for each applicant to the front of their immigration forms package. One e-mail and/or text message will be sent per accepted immigration form, to the person seeking the benefit(s) (representatives are not copied).

Note: The e-mail or text message does not grant any immigration status or benefit. You may not present a copy of the e-mail or text message as evidence that USCIS has granted you any immigration status or benefit. Receipt of the transmission cannot be used as supporting evidence for other benefits.

E-mail or text messages that cannot be delivered will not be retransmitted.

USCIS assumes no legal responsibility for your costs to receive e-mail and text messages. USCIS will not reimburse you for any costs related to e-Notification.

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