What is Employment Authorization Form I-765?

In the United States, the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) is commonly known as Work Permit. This work permit is issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and allows the permit holders to legally work in the United States for any employer. Some ‘temporary’ non-residents of US can file an employment authorization Form I-765 to apply for an EAD. Depending upon the immigration situation of the foreign nationals, the work permits are issued to them for a particular period of time.

The holder of a valid EAD is authorized to work freely in the United States, without his or her employer having to file a “non-immigrant worker petition.” Presently, the EAD is issued by the USCIS in the form of a standard credit card-size plastic card equipped with multiple security features. The EAD card contains some basic information about the non-residents such as name, sex, birth date, country of birth, immigrant category and photo. Card number, ‘alien’ registration number (also called “A-number”), restrictive terms and conditions, and dates of validity complete the list of the information.

Who Can File For Employment Authorization?

Only those immigrants who fall under the extensive categories are eligible to apply for an Employment Authorization Document. The specific categories that would require an EAD are asylees and asylum seekers; students seeking particular types of employment; refugees; applicants to adjust to permanent residence status; fiancés and spouses of American citizens; people in or applying for temporary protected status; dependents of foreign government officials; J-2 spouse or minor child of an Exchange Visitor; spouse of an E-1/E-2 Treaty Trader or Investor and spouse of an L-1 Intra-company Transferee.

EADs are issued by the USCIS for people in the following categories:

EAD: This document proves you are allowed to work in the United States.

Renewal EAD: Individuals wanting to renew their EAD cannot file the form 120 days before the expiration of the current employment authorization.

Replacement EAD: A replacement EAD can be filed to replace a lost, stolen or mutilated EAD. A replacement EAD can also be used to replace an EAD that was issued with incorrect information, such as a misspelled name.

Getting an Employment Authorization Document (EAD)

The employment authorization Form I-765 to be filed, should be mailed by the applicant to the USCIS Regional Service Center that caters to his or her area. The provision of electronically filing the form is available at the Government website.

When the USCIS fails to judge on a properly filed Form I-765, it issues an interim EAD for a maximum period of 240 days. The interim EAD will be subjected to the conditions mentioned on the document.

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