Month: August 2013

House’s Vote On Immigration Reform Could Improve Work Force

Members of the House of Representative think they will be able to push – or at least vote on – the immigration reform bill come October. Rep. Luis Gutierrez announced earlier this week that he signed off the bill, which is supported by all of the Democrats in the bipartisan voting group but still awaiting …

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Immigration Reform Receives Bipartisan Support

Since the immigration reform bill passed through the Senate earlier this summer, the spotlight has shifted to the House of Representatives and potential opposition the legislation may face when it is voted on in the coming weeks. However, according to newly released data, it appears that Republican leaders are becoming more accepting of the bill, which …

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Immigration Supporters March for Change in Michigan

On August 24, hundreds of people took to the streets in Grand Rapids, Mich., to march for immigration reform. Equipped with a loudspeaker, drums and handmade signs, they congregated and marched to the Kent County Republican office. According to Grand Rapids NBC affiliate WOOD-TV, the protesters were marching because they want Congress to pass an …

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Activists Urge Same-Sex Immigration Rights

On the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I Have A Dream” speech, advocates for same-sex immigration rights used the celebration in Washington, D.C., as a forum to initiate change. According to The Washington Times, activists will honor the 1963 equal rights movement by placing the spotlight on creating a path to citizenship …

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Republicans Increase Support for Immigration Reform

Earlier in August, the Republican National Committee vowed to maintain its pressure on Congress to create and pass immigration reform legislation by the end of 2013. According to Time magazine, this legislation includes creating a new legal status for those immigrants living in the country illegally who were brought to the United States as children, …

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Same-Sex Union Verified as ‘Bona Fide’ in San Francisco

Improving gay marriage immigration rights are helping many same-sex couples living in the United States finally gain the legal status they need to live together without fear of being separated. For those who have been waiting years for equality – like Bradford Wells and Australian-born Anthony Makk – the ability to be seen as a …

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Lawmaker Discusses Immigration at Town Hall Meeting

Virginia Republican Representative Bob Goodlatte met with constituents at a town hall meeting in August County to discuss immigration reform. According to The Hill, immigration advocates were in attendance and posed questions for the representative regarding his opposition to reform. Goodlatte told voters he wants to increase enforcement of such policies before granting legal status for …

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