Ironman Winner’s Green Card Success Story

Kate Major routinely undergoes the challenges of the Ironman competition: a 2.4-mile swim through open water, a 112-mile bike, and a marathon length run, 26.2 miles, all in one day. However, the demanding physical athletics that Major commits herself to are only one of the athlete’s many life challenges: she recently received her U.S. green card.

According to area news source U-T San Diego, Major was one of 50 immigrants recently chronicled in the book, “Green Card Stories.”

Growing up in Australia, Major witnessed her first Ironman competition at age 9, watching the intense race on her television. Amazed by the strength, versatility and determination of the athletes involved, Major dedicated much of her life to athletic endeavors, focusing mainly on triathlons. With competition options better in the United States, Major received her green card for her outstanding athletic ability in 2008.

“Some immigrants [in the book] have come from extraordinary circumstances, others from humble beginnings. I am one of those people … and proud to be part of this book,” Major wrote on her official blog.

Currently residing in San Francisco, Major has won two Ironman competitions, placed 2nd four times, and 3rd six times. Major has also won a number of other world-class races, including the San Diego half marathon and the 2009 Carlsbad triathlon.

Soccer player Mauro Rosales is also a green card success, recently gaining his own permanent resident card. Rosales, who plays for the MLS team the Seattle Sounders, was born and raised in Argentina and played for two Argentinean teams before coming to the United States. While soccer teams can take on international talent, each team can only take on a certain number of foreign players, making Rosales’ green card success that much more important to the Seattle squad.

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