US Immigration Update: On October 2, 2020 the U.S.C.I.S. will implement new increases for many Immigration applications and benefits. All applicants who want to apply for the following application types and benefits will see a dramatic increase in fees.

All applications postmarked on or after October 2, 2020 will cost you hundreds or thousands in extra fees. See the chart below to see the differences in the current vs new fees.

Current vs New Fee Increases

Form #Immigration ApplicationCurrent FeesNew FeesExtra Fees% Increase
N-400U.S. Citizenship$640$1,170$530+83%
I-130/I-485Family Green Cards$1,760$2,860$1,100+62%
I-751Petition to Remove Conditions$595$760$165+28%
I-765Employment Authorization (EAD) - (Non-DACA)$410$550$140+34%

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G-1145 - E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance

G-1145 - E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance

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Purpose of Form

To be used by an Applicant or Petitioner who can file their application/petition at one of the three USCIS Lockbox facilities, and who wishes to receive electronic notification (e-Notification) that their application has been accepted.

Special Instructions

If you are submitting multiple immigration forms for one applicant, clip a completed form G-1145 to the front of the first immigration form of the package. You will receive a separate e-mail and/or text message for each accepted immigration form.

For representatives who file multiple unrelated immigration forms in one envelope, and who want their clients to receive e-Notification, clip a completed form G-1145 for each applicant to the front of their immigration forms package. One e-mail and/or text message will be sent per accepted immigration form, to the person seeking the benefit(s) (representatives are not copied).

Note: The e-mail or text message does not grant any immigration status or benefit. You may not present a copy of the e-mail or text message as evidence that USCIS has granted you any immigration status or benefit. Receipt of the transmission cannot be used as supporting evidence for other benefits.

E-mail or text messages that cannot be delivered will not be retransmitted.

USCIS assumes no legal responsibility for your costs to receive e-mail and text messages. USCIS will not reimburse you for any costs related to e-Notification.

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Form G-1145, E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance

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