The Family-Based Green Card Infographic


Getting a green card can be a tough process. No one really gets very excited when they are confronted by a pile of forms and instructions full of unfamiliar phrases and exceedingly lengthy sentences. Sometimes it may feel as if you need to retain a lawyer just so that he or she can tell you what to do. Lawyers aren’t always necessary though. In fact, Immigration Direct has a nifty and easy to understand site to help guide you to a family-based green card!

By clicking on either yes or no in response to each one of the questions provided the site will reveal a step-by-step process to getting the green card most appropriate for you.

The primary questions that are needed to be answered when deciding what kind of green card you may get include your resident status, such as whether or not you are a citizen or permanent resident and what kind of familial relationship you hold with either the sponsor or the beneficiary.

If it turns out that you or your relative are not eligible to come to the United States don’t worry! There are other ways to gain permanent resident status in America such as through employment.

An interactive info-graphic is always more fun than sheets and sheets of those tell-tale boxes of boredom on government applications. Though it isn’t quite the same as talking to a human being, at least you don’t have to pay a lawyer to get the information for which you are looking.