New I-90 Form USCIS Errors – Just Sayin…

USCIS recently updated Form I-90, the Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, and while checking out the new changes, I noticed all sorts of mistakes.

Just like you should never tell a crazy person he’s crazy, you should probably never tell a government agency it’s wrong. Well, luckily, you don’t have to do either. I will point out a couple of the errors USCIS has committed on their new form. And no I am not crazy or just seeing things. I’m offering images as proof:

USCIS: Port of Entry

New i-90 Form

Here lay an opportunity to make a distinction between a port of entry in the U.S. and its territories and a port of entry outside the U.S. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection, CBP, states there are 329 official Ports of Entry in the U.S. and 15 preclearance offices in Canada and the Caribbean. The USCIS, however, states all district and files control offices located internationally are also considered to be ports of entry since they are locations of entry for foreign nationals adjusting to permanent resident status while outside the states. Although this is not an error, grouping ports in the U.S. and ports outside the U.S. in the same drop-down menu can create confusion. Two drop-down menus may have been ideal.

USCIS : Missing Country

New I-90 Form

I’m sorry, my dear Northern Irish friend. The new updated Form I-90 comes with a new strict policy: No Northern Irish people allowed! Yes, I’m joking, but surely many people did not think this mistake was funny. As you can see here, in the drop-down menu for Country of Birth, the USCIS failed to add Northern Ireland.

Filing New I-90 Form

This is my harsh unsolicited advice to USCIS: Check your updated forms before they go live.

And this is my friendly helpful advice to applicants: USCIS often releases forms without thoroughly checking them, but don’t worry. The problems are always fixed. Plus, USCIS is very good about admitting its mistakes. The following is an example of USCIS’s self-awareness:

New I-90 Form

The new I-90 Form is currently being revised.  Immigration is complicated enough without navigating through errors created on the USCIS forms.  At, you are able to complete your I-90 application to renew your green card online with step-by-step guidance and oh yes, I should mention error-free!

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