Where is the permanent resident card number located?

The permanent resident card number is printed on the back of the recent version of the Green Card. This permanent resident card number is also referred to as case number, receipt number, Green Card number, permanent resident document number, and Form I-551 number. It is called a case number because it refers to the specific immigration case.

Many of us get confused with the alien registration number (or USCIS number) and the permanent resident card number. You need to know that the permanent resident card number is different from the alien registration number ( or USCIS number). 

What does the permanent resident card number look like?

The permanent resident card number contains 13 characters that are a combination of letters and numbers as seen embedded in this image among other characters as LIN0000000319. 

Consequences of an Expired Green Card

This alphanumeric document number begins with three letters followed by 10 characters in numeric form. The document number doesn’t use anything categorized as a special character. So if there are any special characters then it is part of the resident card number. Each of these characters has a specific importance.

The first three characters refer to any of the services centers that received the case. The next two digits refer to the fiscal year. Then the next three digits refer to the Computer workday and the last five digits refer to the case number. Here are some examples of the permanent resident card number LIN 00 000 00319, CSC 15 005 40816, TSC 20 524 78952, YSC 18 533 57389.

A few older versions of the Green Cards had permanent resident card numbers printed in the front and very old versions of the green card had no resident card number printed on it. 

This permanent resident card number is not required in many of the USCIS forms. So there might not be any use for this number other than to check your case status. But if you want this resident card number and you don’t find it on your Green Card then you can also check any notices of action (Form I-797) sent to you by the USCIS regarding your immigration case.