Ajuste de condición a la de residente permanente

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The Form I-485 : Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status is presented by those who wish to obtain permanent resident status. It must be presented with supporting evidence, and can be submitted along with several other requests or requests.

If you are a U.S. citizen and your spouse is currently in the U.S. In the US, your spouse may be eligible to file Form I-485: Application for Permanent Residence Registration or Adjustment of Status at the same time you file Form I-130 : Petition for a Foreign Relative.

The condition adjustment request is a request made by a foreign citizen to obtain a green card or permanent resident status. The person requesting the condition adjustment must be in the US. UU. A fee is required when this form is submitted. Additional photographs of the foreign citizen must be sent. In addition to this, the foreign citizen must attach evidence of legal entry into the US. UU., Such as Form I-94: Registration of Entry and Exit (a small white card that was fastened to the passport when the foreign citizen entered the country).

An accredited USCIS physician will examine the foreign citizen. The exam report must be sent along with the application. The Form must also include a Form I-864: Affidavit of Economic Support (signed by the US citizen in the presence of a notary public) and all supporting documents.

The spouse who makes the petition, whether a US citizen or legal permanent resident (category of second family preference), is called a “petitioner”; The foreigner is called a “beneficiary” when completing the forms.

Additional documents that must be submitted with the condition adjustment

  • Form I-485: Adjustment of Condition
  • Form I-765 : Employment Authorization
  • Form I-864: Affidavit of Economic Sustainability
  • Form I-693: Medical Exam
  • Evidence of legal income / I-94 Card
  • Evidence of marriage (marriage certificate)

Eligibility requirements for condition adjustment

Normally, the following people would not be eligible to adjust their condition:

  • people who entered the US UU. no inspection;
  • people who no longer have a valid nonimmigrant status or who have otherwise violated the terms of their condition;
  • people involved in unauthorized employment;
  • crew members who entered the US UU. with a D visa;
  • persons admitted in transit without a visa category;
  • persons admitted under the Visa Waiver Pilot Program (now Permanent Visa Waiver Program).

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