When to File Form I-824?

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Form I-824, Application for Action on an Approved Application or Petition can be filed if you have lost your original approval notice, Form I-797

If you request an approval notice to be sent to another U.S. Consulate or require an approval notice to be sent to a U.S. Consulate abroad for derivative visas for family members, you should file the I-824 form.

You may also file Form I-824, if you filed an application/petition with USCIS that was approved, but you never received the Approval Notice. This is set aside for specific cases where USCIS records indicate that the Approval was sent to your address, but you never received it. If USCIS records indicate that the Approval Notice was never mailed, then you can request the USCIS to send you the Approval Notice.

Eligibility Requirements for Form I-824 Duplicate Approval Notice:

To apply for a Duplicate Approval Notice, you have to be the Applicant or Petitioner of the original Application or Petition.

Form I-824, Application for Action on an Approved Application or Petition:

The approval notice generally will contain the name of the applicant, personal information, beneficiary’s name (if any), receipt number, receipt date, type of your notice, priority date, the class and the validity of your petition. You may also use the receipt number to track the progress of your USCIS petition.

The I-824 has to be filed while the original application or petition is still in effect. The duplicate approval notice will contain the same information as the original approval notice. All I-824 forms should be accompanied by the appropriate supporting documents. You should send a copy of your original petition/application. In addition to this, you should also include a copy of the approval notice for the original petition.

It is also important to know that a separate I 824 form must be filed for each petition with USCIS. The I-824 petition should not be filed if you wish to know the status of your pending application (whether your application will be approved or denied).

If form I-824 application submitted to USCIS is not correct or not accompanied by the appropriate fee and required documents might be denied. If denied, you have to gather all the supporting documents and provide correct information and resubmit the application for approval notice. Once your I-824 form is received by USCIS, the initial processing will consist of checking the application for completeness. The USCIS at times might require more evidence and they might request you to appear for an interview with them. The final decision on your application (whether approved or denied) will be sent to you in writing.

File your Form I-824 online today to reduce the risk of your duplicate approval notice application being rejected by filling out the form I-824 online ensuring it is completed accurately.

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