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BCIS, also known as the Bureau of Citizenship and immigration service was formed in the act of Homeland Security in the year 2002. The name BCIS did not make it a long way, therefore, it was reformed by another name 2 years after its establishment. These days it is commonly known as USCIS or U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service. Earlier, BCIS was working under Homeland Security and before that these facilities were provided by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). According to the guidelines articulated by Homeland Security Act, before the name changing of BCIS, they were required to inform “Appropriate Congressional Committees” at least 60 days before in order to seek their approval.

On March 1, 2003, the BCIS came to be formally in charge of government’s immigration operations. Rendering to the act of Homeland Security in 2002, BCIS assists in place of the government’s former immigration handler along with Immigration and Naturalization Service, and operates in the support of the Department of Homeland Security. One out of three branches of BCIS has been working in the department of Homeland Security.

The principal obligation of BCIS is to handle the application of the benefit applicants to ensure that the sanctuary and competence of U.S Immigration Services is up to the mark. BCIS has many duties to perform; some of them are helping with the immigration of family members, U.S work assistance for immigrants, citizenship, helping U.S citizens with adoption of children from other countries, managing humanitarian programs, helping the immigrants to understand and blend in the U.S culture as well as lineage support.

Even though the INS changed into the DHS, yet all customer services remained like it was before. All accustomed immigration customer services stood reserved from end to end with this conversion. Besides, all INS information which was associated to administration stayed the same. Certified procedures and documents allotted by the earlier INS remain effective as well as it will last to be acknowledged by USCIS and new organizations as per proof of their position in the United States.

USCIS native bureaus stayed prevailing INS places, which includes Application Support Centers and Service Centers. There existed no instant modification in bureaus places, even though a number of bureaus may possibly have reformed since. You may also search the bureau nearby with the help of Legal Language Services USCIS Office Locator. The facilities rendered by the USCIS consist of the settlement of family and requisitions based on employments along with issuing the documents of employment authorization, plus asylum and immigrant handling, naturalization as well as carrying out of special grade programs for instance Temporary Protected Status.

Despite of the fact that the management of immigration assistances was merged into the USCIS, the infinite preponderance of the supplementary roles done by means of INS was merged with other two bureaus under the Department of Homeland Security. And the name of those bureaus are; Bureaus of Immigrations and Custom Enforcement, known as BICE and the other one is, Bureaus of Custom and Border Protection, as known as BCBP.

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