American Visitor Visa to Enter the US

The United States plays host to millions of visitors each year. A large percentage of these visitors come to the US on an American Visitor Visa.

Enter the US with an American Visitor Visa

The B2 or an American visitor visa is a normal paper visa that would allow a traveler to visit the United States for tourism and for other personal reasons for up to a period of 6 months.

The B2 Visas (as it is most commonly called) are one of the most frequently issued visa types by the American consular authorities for entry into the US. Unlike other application processes, the B2 visa process is relatively simple.

The American visitor visa is tailor made for people who wish to enter the United States for tourism or personal reasons that might include travel for pleasure or visiting a family member. A B2 Visa holder at any point of time cannot engage in any form of employment in the US or any other commercial activities that would result in financial gain.

Eligibility requirement for American Visitor Visa (B-2 Visa)

To be eligible for a Tourist Visa (B-2) one must:

1. Hold a valid passport issued by the native country; and
2.Should show an intent to return to her/his native country once the visa period expires; and
3.Have the necessary financial capacity to support himself while visiting the United States; and
4.Should be a person of good character.

The American visitor visa is usually valid for an initial entry of up to six months which can be extended for an additional six months provided the applicant gives a good reason for needing the extension.

Applicants for the visitor visa should show that they qualify under the provisions of the “Immigration and Nationality Act”. The underlying presumption is that each aspiring applicant is a potential immigrant. Therefore the onus is on the applicant to overcome this presumption. Applicants should amply demonstrate to the interviewer that they plan to return to their native.

There are foreign nationals from certain designated countries that do not require a visitor visa to enter the United States.

Unless a visa is canceled the visa is valid till its expiration date. Though each applicant is viewed independently by the interviewing officer here are some conditions that might affect the eventual outcome of granting the visa.


  • You are above 60 years of age.
  • You have shown adequate proof of your financial independence.
  • Your passport reflects that you have traveled to different parts of the world.

Cons (red flags)

  • You are between the ages of 15 to 30 years. In the eyes of the interviewer you become a potential immigrant.
  • You are single or divorced.
  • Failure to show adequate income. This would make the interviewer believe that if granted a visa you would become a charge to the US government.
  • You have not filed your Income Tax returns.
  • You have a long criminal record.
  • You have failed to keep up on your alimony payments.
  • You have a communicable disease.
  • Negative information exists about you that has been passed on to the US consulate.

Apply demonstrating your intent to travel to the United States only for travel purpose will gain you a visitor visa that would eventually fulfill your dream of visiting the land of dreams.

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