How to Get a Copy of a Citizenship/Naturalization Certificate

You can get a copy of your citizenship or naturalization certificate if it is lost, stolen, or damaged by filing form N-565 with the USCIS. A Certificate of Naturalization is given to new citizens as proof of their citizenship after they take the Naturalization Oath of Allegiance.

With the certificate in your hand, you can get a U.S. passport and enjoy the benefits of citizenship. It also helps to prove that you are authorized to live and work in the US, travel on a US passport, and vote in US elections. This article provides you with complete information on how to replace your naturalization certificate.

Reasons to Request a Copy of Your Certificate of Citizenship/Naturalization

Requesting a copy of your certificate of citizenship can be done. But, you may be wondering when to file for a replacement citizenship certificate. One must meet the following criteria for replacement:

  • Has your document been lost, stolen, or destroyed?
  • Is there a change that needs to be made due to a USCIS error?
  • Do you need to change your name due to marriage or divorce?
  • Have you undergone a gender change?
  • USCIS has made a typo error.

When requesting a copy of your certificate of citizenship, you must also provide the necessary proof.

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For instance, if you are requesting a U.S. citizenship certificate replacement due to a gender change, you will need to provide a medical certificate from a licensed doctor, the changed birth certificate, a certified copy of a court order for your gender change, or the recognition of your new gender via drivers licenses or passport.

If you wish to replace your naturalization certificate, you will need to have a valid reason to do so. Some of these reasons can include:

  • If your certificate was lost, destroyed, or stolen
  • If your certificate was printed with errors by USCIS
  • If you have had a legal name change
  • If your gender needs to be changed

Application to Get a Copy of a Citizenship/Naturalization Certificate

Different forms will need to be filed depending on your status in the United States.

If you are looking for a copy or replacement of your citizenship or naturalization certificate, you can file Form N-565, but only if you have already been granted citizenship. This form, which is known as the Application for Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Document, is strictly used for re-issuing citizenship documentation.

For permanent residents that are in the process of applying for citizenship and have lost their documents, Form N-400 will need to be filled out. This form is known as the application for naturalization.

If you are a U.S. citizen and requesting a certificate of citizenship, you will file Form N-600, the application for a certificate of citizenship.

You will fill out this form entirely, with the required supporting documentation, which will be explained below, and the filing fee. This total application will then be sent to USCIS for further review.

Supporting Documents Needed to Obtain Copy of Citizenship Certificate

When filing Form N-565, you will need to provide the proper supporting documentation with your application. All requested supporting documents should not be the original copies unless specified. Additionally, all documents submitted in another language must include a complete English translation.

With Form N-565, it’s mandatory you include:

  • Two passport-style photographs
  • The original document that you are applying for a replacement for
  • If your original document is lost, a copy of the certificate you are applying for a replacement for
  • A police report or a sworn statement that proves you have lost your certificate or gotten it stolen or damaged
  • Evidence of a legal name change, date of birth change, gender change, or marital status change, if applicable

Cost to Get a Copy of Citizenship Certificate

In order to get a citizenship certificate replacement or a copy of your naturalization certificate, one must file Form N-565. So, how much is a naturalization certificate? To file this application, the cost is $555, which must be sent in with the original application.

The price to get a certificate of citizenship replacement will be the same as listed above. The filing fees are $555. The form will automatically be rejected if the fees aren’t included in the application packet.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Citizenship/Naturalization Certificate Copy?

Of course, this question does always come with a simple answer. The processing time for a certificate such as these varies based on different factors. Generally, the processing time is anything between a few months and a year.

A certificate of citizenship will typically take less than a year to be replaced. On the other hand, a naturalization certificate copy can take around five to eight months for replacement.

In order to minimize the time it takes to get your replacement citizenship certificate, ensuring that you have accurately filled out the information and included the necessary documentation is key. With the full completion of the form, your certificate could come sooner than expected. However, it is best to state that the average time is within a year.

What Is a Certified True Copy of a Certificate of Naturalization?

So, how does one get a certified copy of their naturalization certificate or citizenship certificate? A true certified copy of either of these certificates is sometimes required to obtain for various purposes. In order to certify a copy of your credentials, you need to schedule an appointment with USCIS.

At this appointment, you should bring:

  • The original certificate you are looking to get certified
  • A perfect photocopy of the certificate
  • Any forms of ID, such as a driver’s license or passport

At the scheduled appointment, the USCIS officer will confirm your identity and status as a United States citizen and provide your certified copy of your naturalization certificate or citizenship certificate.

Get a Copy Of Your Citizenship/Naturalization Certificate Today!

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