China Still Wants Easier Tourist Visas for its Country

Although tourists with Chinese and Brazilian citizenship now have a less difficult time receiving a prompt U.S. tourist visa, some Chinese officials think the measures the United States has taken thus far are insufficient.

According to the English language China-based newspaper the China Daily, many Chinese tourism experts do not think that the United States has done enough to promote tourism to the United States. Although many believe that the move is one in the right direction for the United States, the changes made to the visa process so far have been less than impressive.

“The simplification of the visa application does not mean lowering the application standard,” Jiang Yiyi, the director of China Tourism Academy’s International Tourism Development Institute told China Daily. “It is hard to attract a really large number of Chinese tourists unless significant progress is made in visa applications, tourism products and travel safety on the US side.”

According to Jiang and many other travel experts in China, visa procedures in many European and Asian countries are still much easier than they are in the United States, and therefore more attractive to travelers.

However, while many Chinese tourists continue to ask the United States for easier tourist visa procedures, some argue that there is only so far that the United States can relax their policy before security risks become an issue, according to a recent opinion piece penned by Amy Ridenour, chairman of the National Center for Public Policy Research.

While President Barack Obama stated during his February 13 announcement that the move would prompt industry growth and create more jobs, some critics believe the job growth won’t be enough to offset the security risks, according to Ridenour.

“Adding a few low-paying baggage handlers and amusement park employees won’t do much to lower those distressing numbers,” Ridenour wrote.

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