Philadelphia Gala Celebrates Immigrant Couples

With all of the challenges facing immigrant couples trying to make it in the United States, many often forget to take the time to enjoy married life. The Still Standing Gala in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was created to honor the couples who make it work despite the odds.

When immigrant couples leave their home country behind, they encounter challenges in trying to adjust to new cultural expectations and gender roles. Many of these individuals must also work two or three jobs to pay the bills, Valerie Russ wrote in her recent Philadelphia Daily News article.

“We have a tendency in our community to work hard, to make money, to send some to our home country, and we don’t take care of ourselves,” Eric Nzeribe, Nigerian-born publisher of FunTimes Magazine, told the Philadelphia Daily News. “We have to make ends meet. The last thing that comes to our minds is to take my spouse out and give them flowers while they can still smell them.”

Moving to the United States is particularly stressful for many couples, as the immigration process often means long periods of time spent apart and hundreds of dollars in expenses. Typically, men will enter the United States on a green card, then obtain permanent-resident status and U.S. citizenship before being able to bring the rest of the family, the source reported.

The Still Standing Gala celebrates the struggles and dedication from African and Caribbean married couples. Festivities include cultural cuisine, speakers, live entertainment, giveaways and vendors. Couples can also win awards for the Most Recent Newlywed, The Longest Married, Best Dressed Couple or Best Couple’s Dancers awards, according to FunTimes Magazine.

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