Univision Joins Immigrant Archive Project

The Immigrant Archive Project was created to help preserve the dreams, struggles and accomplishments of United States immigrants so future generations can learn from their unique experiences. IAP has successfully begun documenting immigrants’ stories, and has recently gained support from powerful media companies.

Univision and its affiliated networks joined the effort to encourage Hispanics living in the United States to share their tales of establishing their new lives. The end goal is to create one comprehensive immigrant archive. With funding from advertisers like Procter & Gamble, Univision has already collected 32 stories in English and Spanish and agreed to air snippets of these IAP interviews on television.

“The Immigrant Archive Project is an independent national initiative dedicated to preserving the life stories of America’s immigrant population,” the IAP mission statement explained. “We accomplish this by recording, in their own words, the intimate stories of immigrants of all nations. The content of these interviews will be shared with listeners via radio, television, internet and traveling educational as well as art installations.”

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