Form I-134 Instructions for Submission

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The US citizen often referred as Affiant or the Sponsor who signs this Form I-134 takes financial responsibility of the foreign fiancé(e) while in US. The foreign fiancé(e) is elevated from becoming a public charge by this Form I-134.

Filing the Affidavit of Support

Supporting documentation of three types are required for Form I-134:

  • On an official letterhead the sponsor’s employment and salary earned details need to be specified. This serves as the employment verification letter.
  • Bank document specifying the balance on the account.
  • Photocopy of Federal Income Tax Return details of sponsor, especially required if the sponsor is self-employed.

Important Form Filling Instructions for Sponsor

Question 1 Sponsor’s details like name, address, date and place of birth to be filled.

Question 1.1 Sponsors, who are not citizens by birth, need to complete this section by choosing any one of the options from ‘a’ through ‘d’

  1. Citizenship through naturalization. The naturalization certificate number needs to be entered if the sponsor became a U.S. citizen through the naturalization, else “N/A” can be entered.
  2. Citizenship through marriage or parents. The sponsor who obtained US citizen through a spouse or parent needs to complete this space. So rather than a “certificate of naturalization” this person will have a “certificate of citizenship” and in the space provided that certificate number must be entered, else “N/A” can be entered.
  3. Citizen, but not though birth in the U.S. and has neither a citizenship nor a naturalization certificate. In this case sponsor claiming US citizenship needs to attach statement supporting or explaining its basis.
  4. Permanent Resident. If the sponsor is not a US citizen, but is a U.S. permanent resident, his or her alien registration or “A” number must be entered by him or her in this space. Look on the Form I-551 which is the permanent resident’s green card for this “A” number.

Question 2 Age:   Person’s age who is filing Form I-134 (the sponsor) Residence – The start date from when the person filing Form I-134 began living in a permanent household in the United States needs to be entered. This would usually be same as the date of birth for Citizens. This date may coincide with the date of conferral of residence for permanent residents. Periods of residence in the United States prior to conferral of lawful permanent residence may be also included.

Question 3 This question asks for information regarding the person on whose behalf the sponsor is completing this form. Information about the spouse and children, if any, of this person who will accompany them or will follow to join has to be included in this section.

Questions 4,5 & 6 These questions are statements regarding the affidavit and confirm the sponsor’s understanding of the details of this contract they are getting into with the government.

Question 7 Employment: The sponsor has to enter details regarding their employment. The details required are – name and address of employer and type of business. Self employed persons need to enter “self-employed” in the space for “name of concern” and unemployed persons need to enter “not employed” in the space for “type of business”.

This question also seeks detailed information regarding the income, savings and assets of the sponsor.

Question 8 This questions requires the sponsor to enter details about individuals who are wholly or partially dependent on the sponsor, their age and their relationship to the sponsor. If the space provided is not enough, an additional sheet can be attached.

Question 9 The sponsor has to enter whether they have submitted any prior affidavit(s) and if yes, the date(s) on which they were submitted. If no, they just need to enter “None”.

Question 10 The sponsor has to enter whether they have submitted any prior visa petition(s). If yes, the date(s) on which they were submitted and the relationship to the person on whose behalf they were submitted. If no, they just need to enter “None”.

Question 11 The sponsor has to state whether or not they intend to support the persons they have named in Question 3 but making specific contributions. If they say yes, then they need to give details about the type of contribution and the duration for which this contribution will be made. Examples of contributions – food, board, money, etc.

The sponsor has to sign Form I-134 using their full name. The signature need not be notarized as signing Form I-134, under penalty of perjury under U.S. law.

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