How to Pass the US Tourist Visa Interview?

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Tourist Visa Interview

Be it visiting one’s family or to visit places of interests in the US, one has to obtain the appropriate US visa. Dreams are often shattered if a visa is denied for any particular reason. Obtaining a tourist visa is not only an expensive process, but difficult as well.

Though the interviews are quite short, a lack of confidence or a small slip in the response will spell doom for the US tourist visa applicant. The number of visas denied to foreign nationals is always greater than the number that is approved. If you really wish to go to America, this should not be the reason to be intimidated from applying.

The US issues B1 visas for those wishing to come to the US for business and B2 visas for those wishing to come to the US as tourists. To obtain such visas the applicants have to undergo an interview and prove that they intend to be temporary visitors to the US or else their application will be denied. In this article, we will provide some important tips that will help you with your interview process.

Tips to Pass the US Tourist Visa Interview

Generally the interview lasts only for a short time. During the US tourist visa interview be sure to answer the questions sensibly and also make sure of the following:

  • It is important that you arrive on time for the interview as well as being well prepared.
  • Prove that your stay is only for a short duration of time and that you do not have any intention of exceeding the permitted stay in the US. If you have a credible travel history on your passport that may be good enough for your interviewer to prove that you are telling the truth.
  • Do not be too aggressive during the interview because that will not help. While answering the official try to be yourself and be honest.
  • Produce proof of employment so that the officials are convinced that your stay is legitimate and you will return to your home country.
  • Have all the necessary documents and other evidence ready, like a birth certificate, tax returns, bank records, travel details, etc., though you may not be asked for them.
  • Be focused during the interview session. Make sure you have a clear purpose of the trip and that your trip to US is just for a visit and you do not intend to stay any further and that you are happy in your home country.

It is the official who decides whether you are granted a visa or not, so hopefully you will be lucky to get an official who is empathetic.

If you are lucky and you have passed the US tourist visa interview, you will be granted the visa .The passport will be stamped with the visa and the rest of the documents will be returned. But there a times that even though you give it your best effort and are also well-prepared, you may be denied getting a visa. A letter will be sent to you with a reason why you were denied a visa. However you can always apply again and be certain to resolve the issues that led to the prior rejection.

Well finally it’s only luck that matters in getting the tourist/business visa. Don’t ever get dejected, you can always try again, so good luck!

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